Big Data Consulting


The increasing impact of specialized data and information services requires businesses to leverage management tools, business analytics and advanced insights and build truly smart decision support systems. Saisystems Technology's big data consulting solutions serve to build a better businesses for your clients, vendors and, most importantly, you employees. By harnessing patterns relating to human behavior and interactions, you can better serve all stakeholders of your company.

Big data drives decision making, and we can create a streamlined platform that works for you.

Saisystems Technology offers the following big data services:
  • Proof of concepts

  • Strategy and roadmap

  • Technology evaluation

  • Develop map reduce code, transformations and custom code

  • Data integration services

  • Visualizations and analytics

  • Big data administration

Our big data initiatives acquire, organize, process, and analyze your most sensitive data. Teams of a data scientist, technical architect, solution architect, data management specialist, and BI specialist implement best practices from their respective fields to deliver the best in class solution for our clients.

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