Business Intelligence & Reporting


Saisystems Technology combines the power of its experienced analytical and data engineering team with essential intelligence tools to deliver innovative solutions for advanced business insights.

Through our BI services, we use both your existing structured and unstructured data to visualize trends and respond in realtime to changing business needs of the future. Our team consists of statisticians, data analysts and modelers, ETL developers, BI framework architects and developers, and report designers to provide comprehensive solutions and reporting from every angle.

Our consulting and development services for business analytics and reporting application include:

  • BI Strategy and Framework Development

    Saisystems Technology's discovery phase analyzes your organization's BI requirements, existing investments and skill availability. Our workflow strategy is based on these initial observations to plan a realistic project timeline.

  • BI Platform and Tool Evaluation

    We perform evaluation of leading industry tools based on critical aspects such as architecture, ease of use, scalability, sustainment, and infrastructure cost.

  • Reports and Dashboard Development

    We offer custom development of reports using existing data and tools, or with metrics specific to your business. Saisystems Technology also offers ad-hoc report development support.

  • BI Rationalization and Consolidation

    Assessments run current statuses of ETL and reporting architecture so we can recommend the right solutions for your business.

Saisystems Technology also delivers solutions through implementation of third party packages like Microsoft SQL Server Analytics Services, SAP Business Objects, IBM Cognos, Micro-strategy, Tableau, Qlikview, and Oracle OLAP Reports and Hyperion.

We have provided these solutions in the following industry verticals and their business domains:

  • Finance

    Enterprise, capital markets and investments, and commercial banks

  • Healthcare

    Payers, pharmacy benefits managers (PBM), providers, medical device manufacturers, and life science

  • Manufacturing

    Supply chain, quality and engineering, finance, and accounting

  • Travel

    Online e-commerce flight and hotel reservation sites


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