Data Management

Keeping your data current and organized is essential for success in today’s modern marketplace. By leveraging management, our team organizes enterprise quantities of structured and unstructured data to build intuitive decision support systems.

Data management solutions define a strong foundation for the future implementation of reporting services, sophisticated OLAP solutions, and data mining activities. We strive to exceed your fundamental performance and operational objectives, providing concierge support for the full lifecycle of your project. You can count on the secure delivery of your extracted and analyzed data to the C-suite with our certified processes, including metrics focused on:

  • Business behaviors, trends, and requirements

  • Robust KPI tracking

  • Consolidated data views and interactivity

  • Robust reporting and predictive analytics

  • Simple, straightforward communication

Through data management solutions, our clients have realized improved quality information systems, accelerated smart decision-making, and increased ROI due to performance enhancements. We work with the following platforms: Informatica, Oracle Data Integrator, Datastage, AB Initio, Microsoft SQL Server Integration Services, and more.