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Application Services

Saisystems Technology Application Services

When you apply the proper applications to your business, you begin to modernize. You quickly discover how automations allow you gain efficiencies and streamline operations.

To accomplish this, you must engage a partner that will establish frameworks based on SDLC guidelines and maintain detailed-oriented goal tracking and actions from concept to deployment.

Our application services team uses a robust and flexible 5D (Discovery, Define, Design, Development, and Deployment) delivery methodology that supports both waterfall software development and agile methodologies such as scrum, feature-driven development, and extreme programming.

Application Development

Your business is robust and has very specific needs. During the application development period we dive deep to understand your business and your most significant IT challenges.

We combine our expertise, architecture, solutions, and program management skills to develop new capabilities for heterogeneous systems that span both mainstream and emerging technologies.

By leveraging your existing technology infrastructure, our solutions fit your budget without compromising on quality. Our most-used platforms include: Java/J2EE, Microsoft.NET, and Oracle.

Application Maintenance

Once up and running, application maintenance and sustainment optimizes your newly engineered applications allowing you to grow with technology enhancements, all while optimizing your initial application investments.


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Saisystems Technology Application Service Cycle

Saisystems Technology Reengineering

Application Audit and Assessment

It’s very likely your organization has currently deployed products and you may be considering your alternatives and options.

Our evaluation questions essential application functionalities such asset safeguarding, data integrity, and operational efficiency.

By auditing existing applications, architecture, business processes, and operational modules, we identify gaps in emerging trends and industry-leading concepts that can affect business objectives.

The application assessment measures the performance of your existing applications and provides quality, timely feedback.

Application Reengineering, Migration, and Retirement

You’ve already made significant investments in your existing systems and there are times when improving existing architecture is the most efficient way to maximize output with minimal costs to operations.

Preserving that value, is the focus of application reengineering. It may be possible to transition your applications as an alternative to overhauling your existing systems.

You may discover that the time has come to transition or upgrade to an entirely new system.

Application migration and retirement aims to standardize applications with minimal user impact through:

  • Collaborating with project management and entity application teams
  • Reverse engineering the code base
  • Converting and optimizing legacy functionalities
  • Migrating associated data
  • Production environment configuration support and management


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Saisystems Technology Web Portal Development

Web-based Portals

Our services include extranet and intranet portal design, development, reengineering, migration, and maintenance. Everything we can do for your standard applications, we apply to web-based portals.

With experience in information, knowledge, patient, member, self-service, and e-commerce portals, we have a proven history of increasing client efficiency, improving customer satisfaction, and realizing significant return on investment.

As requirements vary from industry to organization to department, our consultative approach ensures your portal’s functionality optimizes the features most important to your audience.

Our dedicated team of developers on Microsoft, Java, and Open Source technologies are ready to provide a full spectrum of design and development solutions that exceed expectations.


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