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Saisystems Cybersecurity Insight: What is Ransomware?

Ransomware is constantly making headlines, but what is it?  


Phishing Attacks Hackers Use on a Remote Workforce

Covid-19 has forced the majority of the workforce to work from home.  Hackers are taking advantage of this situation by tricking individuals into revealing confident

Saisystems Cybersecurity Insight: NYS Shield Act

NYS Shield Act effective dates: 
October 23, 2019 – Breach notification rules change
March 21, 2020 – Data security requirements

The GSA is using RPA

It seems that government agencies at every level are consistently under pressure to reduce costs while increasing efficiency and improving citizen experience.

SNFConnect Telemed App from Saisystems Digital now available on Google Play and the Apple App Store

SHELTON, CT— (May 2020) Saisystems Digital announced the release of their telemedicine application for Post-Acute practices.

RPA Helps Retail During the Health Crisis

The COVID-19 health crisis is impacting retail on a global scale.  While products such as pharmaceuticals, cleaning supplies and grocery items are selling out, other products like luxury goods are stagnant.