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Data Modeling and Analytics

Saisystems Technology Data Modeling

Data Modeling

Saisystems Technology conducts data analyses to review a type of data gathered by a business with the goal of viewing different elements and evaluating trends or patterns from disparate data sources.

We begin with a collection and analysis of existing data and infrastructure to drive the design of future systems. Our careful mitigation of these processes ensures minimal user impact, allowing business operations to continue during critical project phases.

Based on the client’s industry and requirements, inputs contribute to functional specifications that guide data modeling. We typically implement three types of modeling: conceptual, logical, and physical. Sample actions include:

  • Identifying entity types, attributes, and relationships
  • Applying naming conventions and data model patterns
  • Performing high-level conceptualization
  • Assigning keys
  • Normalizing and denormalizing data

Our clients have realized reduced data redundancy, improved operational performance, and increased ROI due to the advanced insights provided by data modeling. With customization available from skilled developers, value-add features are available to tailor services to each individual need.

Saisystems Technology Data Analysis

Data Analytics

In today’s fast-paced marketplace, businesses need to position themselves for real-time decision-making. Saisystems Technology builds solutions to better define these determinants through internal and external data across heterogeneous environments, integrating operations through analytic insights.

We leverage your company’s data to transform BI environments and understand trends, making your business run better. Fuel your data-driven decisions with information aggregation, analysis, and visualization to strategize and manage business processes.

Traditionally, reporting tools determine trends using historical data. By combining data management, BI, and system administration approaches, we create tailored analytics solutions that exceed your needs of yesterday, today, and into the future.

Improvement actions through our unique workflows include:

  • Transforming your digital strategy
  • Eliminating operational inefficiencies
  • Identifying areas for automation
  • Reallocating valuable resources
  • Providing a platform for collaboration

Make Sense of Your Data

Start gaining insights
Saisystems Technology Data Analytics Services

Our team is always on standby to facilitate and support transformation from all available data sources. While sustaining greater expertise, our clients have seen increased ROI, improved environment functionality, and lower costs of operation from new analytics strategies.


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